Our Story

Karen Escobedo

My daughter came home from school one day and announced that her classmate was lucky because she was wearing high-priced, name brand shoes (Gucci). With little interest in the style, color, or make up of the shoe, and after a bit of schooling from me, my daughter had an ah-ha moment! She came to the realization that the the only thing that made the shoe special, was the high price tag associated with the brand. You have to admire the cult following that the high end fashion houses & department stores have created in the contemporary world of fast fashion.

Being a mom of three, I put a lot of time and energy into making sure that my girls look & feel special for every Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Picture Day, Father/Daughter Dance, and all of life’s other sweet memories! I am always in search of reasonably priced, well made dresses that translate into polished, sophisticated, and thoughtful.

My love for design, prints, and dressmaking, paired with my overall frustration with mass produced garments found in local department stores, gave birth to RAINA LA RUE.

I created RAINA LA RUE to pay homage to American dress making over the years (a combination of vintage floral prints, calico prints, prairie style or Laura Ashley type dresses). Inspired by classic and timeless dresses of generations past, I’ve designed dresses and accessories that are appropriate for girls  of all ages and now ladies (launching soon). Our dresses are created as heirloom pieces meant to be passed down by our children & used for generations to come.

All RAINA LA RUE pieces are thoughtfully designed and ethically made in Houston, TEXAS.

Share your stories, photographs, & comments about your memories made in dresses over the years. Take us down memory lane with you! hello@rainalarue.com

Karen Founder,